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1. An abbreviation of Chevrolet, an American car manufacturer owned by General Motors.
"Hank sure has a nice Chevy"
作者 Tom 2003年9月17日
Like a rock the only way it moves is by rolling it down a hill. a rock!
作者 Shorty 2004年7月25日
car hardly ever vacates yard
drive by a dealership or drive through town.
作者 nick 2003年9月11日
The only American made pickup truck with a heated tailgate *this way your friends' hands dont get cold when they push you in the snow*
"Wow mike look at those failures, they drive a chevy"
"yeah bob, i'm glad i dont have to push your FORD like that"
作者 Matt 2004年11月23日
like a rock
A fucking Chevy just sits there, like a rock.
作者 Clem Blarstenfarge 2003年4月29日
The kind of truck that looks pretty, but lasts 10 years tops.
My 1989 ford f250 xlt is rusted to shit, but it runs like it was bought yesterday.

At least I dont drive a piece of chevy.
作者 Brennan Platt 2005年2月25日
Like a Rock, GM motor Co.
man i took a shit just the other day and it was chevy.....
作者 XtacyRu 2009年4月14日



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