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see Dubya
The chimp tried to answer journalists questions today... what a laugh
作者 meeeeee 2003年11月03日
To review an image on the LCD screen of a digital camera after taking a photograph. In common usage among press photographers. The act was dubbed chimping after photographers were caught making monkey-like noises when they reviewed a good shot in their cameras.
1. The photographer chimped his double-play shots from the first base photo position.

2. The photographer was caught chimping on the sideline after a play and missed the interception shot.
#chimp #chimping #double-chimp #review #look at
作者 Chris123456798 2006年1月08日
a black person.
Chimp ass nigga!
#jigaboo #ape #chimp #porch monkey #nigger #gangster
作者 smektala ahmed 2011年5月21日
Somebody who's freakin' out and needs to chill. Can be used as a verb, noun or adjective.
"Yo I just ate weed brownies and I'm hella chimped."

Person A- "Wanna hang with Brian tonight?"
Person B- "Nah, that dude's a chimp."

Person A- "Ahhh oh no (insert complaint about whatever)!
Person B- "Yooo quit chimpin'."
Person A- "Woah... you're right. I need to chill."
Person A- "Word."
#chimp #nervous #worried #freaking out #buggin #tweaked
作者 Real Insane 2013年5月31日
Performing low quality work very quickly. Based on the fact that the entire chimpanzee sex act, from erection to ejaculation is typically less than 3 seconds. The term is currently very common among frumdebars.
I can build you an awesome website by next week for a couple thousand dollars, or I can chimp something up this afternoon for about fifty.
#shortcut #cheap #wham-bam-thank-you-maam #chimping #chimped
作者 tafrum 2010年12月26日

To lose all human control and revert back to one's simian roots. Usually resulting from seeing an attractive woman or, if you are a comic book fan, a mint copy of The Avengers #1.
Did you see that girl at the club that I was talking to last night? I was really chimping for her.

Mark looked at the woman and began to chimp heavily.
#lust #aroused #excited #like #love #need #geek #nerd #salivate #want
作者 Masner 2009年5月01日
Can be used as either a noun or a verb. As a noun, chimp describes someone who departs from a public house or club early to return to one's domicile. This could be for a variety of reasons: too ripped up to continue drinking, being ejected by bouncers (a corollary of being ripped) or being under the thumb. The verbal form is used to describe this act of baling out early: thus 'to chimp out'.
The Dwix chimped out again last night. He is such a chimp.
作者 Yume89 2004年5月10日


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