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a group of choda lovers that will do anything for a taste of choda, they wander the street looking for a tastey looking choda and pounce on it. if u ever see a choda clan and you r currently making a choda soda run like a mutha fucka!!! Esspecially if u see the king of the clan tanner he will do anything for a taste of your choda
Tanner and the Choda clan is gainin run like a bitch hell lick ur choda right the fuck off!

Tanner and the choda clan love to eat mc choda burgers at mc donalds, his favourite toppings are dangle berries and choda soda
#cc #chodas clan #matts crew #choda soda club #csb
作者 Tanner Kimbark (My Dads Name is kim) 2006年5月09日
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