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a person with a shinny bald head(also a rude term of adress)
Hey, chrome dome, come out and fight.
作者 Light Joker 2004年12月24日
referring to someone shiny bald head.
jesus, look at that chrome dome.
作者 bob hermansonton 2006年3月22日
Person with a bald, shiny head.
manager: Homer, you were you just shining your head in the shine-o-ball-o?

Homer: No.

manager: *checks himself in reflection on homer's head*
作者 Kung-Fu Jesus 2004年4月17日
A person who performs oral sex while wearing a "grill" (jewelry for ones teeth) in their mouth.
Sally gave me chromedome last Saturday in the park.

I totally received major chromedome yesterday!

That girl can give some mean chromedome.

作者 Bambam 2008年11月10日
A man with no hair or with limited hair on both sides like the reverse cereal bowl haircut.
See Chrome Dome celebrity Dr. Phil.
作者 mindart77 2009年3月05日
jerome womack"s head when that hair is out.
ay chrome dome!. whats up?
作者 j3baby 2010年11月18日
When a person with braces: gives head, goes down, blows, sucks/eats dick, or performs oral sex on a male.
Guy 1: I got head last night from Em, the girl with braces.
Guy 2: Yeah. me too, that was the best chrome dome ever
作者 J-monie 2006年5月06日



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