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an incompetent football team based in Melbourne, Australia. Devoid of skills and talent, it only attracts the most narrow-minded, lazy, boisterous, boastful and idiotic supporters to its club.
The club and its supporters are generally held in great contempt by the general population, including those who do not follow AFL.
How do you win a premiership?
play collingwood in the grand final
作者 howm 2006年9月08日
Inner-city suburb in the North-East of Melbourne, near Fitzroy and Carlton. Known for the Collingwood Football Club and various music venues including the Tote and the Barley Corn.
Going to see a band play at the Tote in Collingwood.
作者 Jani K 2005年9月29日
A poor football team that is supported by doll bludging bogans who are responsible for the banning of canned beer at the footy.
Collingwood is crap and is disliked by many.
作者 roofan 2004年8月05日
Nickname for a shit, evil team
I hate that team there such a Collingwood
作者 Slayerdamo 2010年10月29日
Literally 'testicles' but specifically relating to a display of testicular fortitude on the sports pitch. Named after England cricketer Paul Collingwood following an epic century against South Africa.
"Jeez, he's shown a lot of guts out there today - that guy must have massive Collingwoods"
作者 Bladesmax 2009年2月04日
A ski Town in Ontario Canada
I ski at Blue Mountain ski club in Collingwood.
作者 Jeff jollingsworth 2007年8月23日
best ever team in the afl
dale thomas plays for collingwood so he is good
作者 webbman456 2008年10月27日


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