Going without underware. Often, as a sign of having detention students go commando.
The girl went commando because of their detention.
作者 detention311 2011年1月29日
the best arnold movie
let off some steam, bennet
作者 me 2004年5月20日
Possibly the worst perk in Modernwarfare 2 with this perk u can stab a person from across the map.
Joe: I shot that bitch in the face and he didnt die and he knifed me from like 15 feet away.
Bob: He probbably had commando on.
Joe: What a noob
作者 brainfreze28 2011年3月31日
Best Arnie movie ... EVER
Come on! You gotta like the part where he just causes mass extinction on a whole island only getting a few scratches.
作者 Mister Ignorant 2004年4月23日
The coolest most bad ass Shwarzenegger movie ever made.
"watch commando to see Arnold stroll down a pristine garden path while hired henchmen run into a steady stream of automatic gunfire"
作者 Spelunker 2003年4月17日
living on limited resources. being thrifty and cheap in some ways.
i'm going commando this week. i only got $20 left in my account.
作者 NoHouse 2005年4月11日
synonym to "tries to hard in pubs"
pregame allstar
作者 Anonymous 2003年7月01日


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