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Collection of women whose sole purpose is to act as sexual relief from your existing wife or significant other. harem
King George had ten or fifteen concubines to act as cum dumpsters in luau of his fat, big butted, pig faced, wart covered wife he was forced to marry.
作者 Mike the Dialer King 2004年4月19日
A woman who is involved in a monogamous relationship with a man but is not legally married to him. An old term for a kept woman or girlfriend.

She is usually a willing participant in the relationship and may be of any social status.
Anne Boleyn was just a concubine in the eyes of her opponents and she was slandered as a homewrecker; Katherine of Aragon was Henry VIII's true queen in their eyes.

The harem of the palace did house the Sultan's wives and concubines, but it typically also housed all of the women of the palace, including his mother, sisters, aunts, and cousins.

Queen Catherine de' Medici resented her husband's dalliances with his much older concubine, Diane de Poitiers.

The senator's wife was indignant, barely containing her rage when she confronted her husband about the secret series of concubines that he had.
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作者 Lorelili 2011年7月28日
A woman in an ongoing monogamous relationship with a man of her own volition, regardless of economic, social, or marital status.
My concubine is free to make her own choices. She may stay or go at her will.
#girlfriend #fiancee #lover #fuck-buddy #mistress
作者 dudemanhippie 2010年11月09日
A fuck buddy
dave: out with the wife tonight dude?

alan: no i'm ragging my concubine
#concubine #fuck #buddy #alan #bigamist
作者 FloraJane 2009年5月25日
prostitute, whore. someone that likes to sell themselves to men. someone who was hired to have sex with other people.
the king hired 3 concubines for his bed. only a fugly cocubine would sell theirselves to a fat old man.
my golly jean, theres a concubines outside our house, whatever should we do?
#slut #prostitute #woman #girl #whore
作者 Elizzabethhy 2006年4月04日
A sex bitch.
John: "Abbi is my concubine."
Nick: "You mean she is your sex bitch?"
#sex bitch #sex slave #side girl #side chick #other bitch
作者 Nick Fish 2014年11月30日
a person who is a slave for sex
a prostitute or someone who is addicted to sex
作者 mike v 2003年4月24日


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