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Vocalist and guitarist in the band Hole, who has also gone on to have a solo career. She was married to Nirvana singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain.
Unfairly hated by zealous Nirvana fans who love absurd conspiracy theories.
Nirvana and Kurt are great. Hole and Courtney are great. Kurt and Courtney loved each other. Kurt got depressed and killed himself. Courtney got depressed, and took loads of drugs. Everyone else gets depressed.
Cretin : Courtney killed Kurt Cobain! Because being famous must be soooo cool, and you wouldn't ever get unhappy or anything, so she must have done! GARGH! I want o kill her, because I am frustrated and stupid and really quite ugly and I'm doomed to grow up and live a really boring life and get smacked in the chops by some big fat hippo type thing!

What the fuck?
作者 You_Deluded_Fools 2004年7月30日
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Courtney Love, lead singer of the band Hole, inspired girls everywhere to pick up a guitar and write about whatever the hell they want. She is one of the most influential female artists of the nineties, and her snarling, intelligent, lyrics, thrashing, faux-pop guitar sound and fashion sense she herself has branded "kinderslut" still resonates throughout today's alternative rock scene, most notably among girl bands.

Theories abound as to the true circumstances of her husband Kurt Cobain's death in 1994 and Courtney is often accused of murdering, or having a hand in his demise.

After years of adoring both Hole and Nirvana, I think this is probably the most absurd and laughable piece of bullshit doing the rounds. Kurt adored Courtney, ("I'm just overwhelmed by the fact that I'm in love on this scale") but the pressures of addiction, fame and depression proved too much for him. He killed himself - it's horrible, but don't deride an innocent woman.. she loved him and I think he would hate her to be blamed in any way for his passing.

Courtney is hounded by tabloids in the same way Peter Doherty is, and she has fallen victim to drug addiction, especially in the aftermath of Kurt's death. However she now has custody of their daughter Frances Bean, is due to release a new album (How Dirty Girls Get Clean) soon and appears to slowly be learning to live with the loss of her husband and her own problems.

Courtney is a fashion icon, a mother, a recovering addict, a star and one of the greatest musicians of our time. She is a true inspiration. WE LOVE YOU!
Courtney Love made me want to be in a band and start a riot..
作者 DirtyPrettyAngel 2006年7月02日
a misunderstood person, she ahd issues but so did kurt you cant fucking blame her, comparing their music is like sugar and salt, but they are both awesome. im thinking about making a justice for courtney deal just because she deserves it, she loved kurt so fucking much, if you looked into their relationship a little more than what fuckin vanity fair says you would see that. i love courtney
courtney love is inspiring and talented
作者 sad for her too 2004年6月18日
Talented frontwoman (singer/guitarist/actress) of Hole and Solo career. One of the best lyricists of the female in rock generation. Over zealous Nirvana fans loathe her as they think they knew Kurt personally. Read the Nirvana album liner notes and download is recorded voice message from limewire as Kurt HATED PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT HIS WIFE. Probably bi-polar (as Courtney). I believe she wrote her songs with the band, if the music sounds Nirvanish, that would only be it, the music/melodies--each has their own unique style of writing, it's obvious when you really read them. Accomplished actress, grammy,MTV nominated artists. Use of drugs-- Yes, but look at her life compared to your everyday working mom/houswife, we all have our outlets, that's why she goes on & off drugs. I believe Hole's/Courtney's greatest showing of talent is on the un-released HOLE UNPLUGGED- check it out!
Known as; Yoko Love; the Janis Joplin of our times; Feminist; Woman not afraid to speak her mind

"I'll be the biggest dick that you ever had" quote off Pretty on The Inside Album

"Courtney Love is the greatest f**K in the world!!!"" as said by Kurt Cobain on live TV
作者 Courtney's Man 2006年2月01日
Talented singer/songwriter with the grunge band Hole, and recently solo. Contrary to popular belief, Hole were bigger than Nirvana when Courtney met that band's frontman, Kurt Cobain.
Often blamed for his death by raving mad conspiracy theorists, who also believe that we never landed on the moon, Elvis is alive, and McCartney is dead.
See scapegoat for people looking for someone to blame for Cobain's death.
Person One: "I hate Courtney Love, she killed Kurt and writes bad songs."
Person Two: "k"
作者 JesusWritesPunkSongs 2005年1月23日
Punk Chick. Talented musician...a little crazy none the less FABULOUS! love her everyone.
"my you look good no you look COURTNEY LOVE fabulous"

"dont make me go COURTNEY LOVE on yer ass"
作者 CourtneyLove IsShibby 2004年3月03日
Bleach blonde, white as still can be called blonde, hair. Taken from the actual Courtney Love, who had bleach blonde, white as hell hair.
"I'm gonna courtney love my hair."
作者 Mary 2005年3月24日


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