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A stimulated clitoris.
I knocked this girl's cunt knuckle so hard, she's still having an orgasm to this day!
作者 micah 2004年11月29日
Someone so skilled at exceeding the normal realms of dickhead/douchebag/fuckhead/cuntery, that they must be referred to in conjunction with the anatomical part of the human body used to knock someone the fuck out.
He isn't an asshole, he's a complete and total cuntknuckle.
#douchebag #dickhead #asshole #fuckhead #justin beiber
作者 rang-rang kucharska 2011年5月31日
A camel toe created by pure fat. Like a moose knuckle on a fat woman
Did you see that chicks cunt knuckle
作者 mtstuba 2016年5月22日
a little facking pussy whore who fully enjoys shitting on people's sanity
That cuntknuckles mother fucker sent my parents a letter saying I have a D in my Government class and now I'm going to be slaughtered
#cunt #knuckles #motherfucker #asshole #douchebag
作者 Hottractive 2012年3月26日
The world's newest exclamatory remark. Akin to golly willikers, holy smokes, etc...
Aw cunt knuckles, I spilled milk on my foot.
#shit #fuck #dammit #balls #hell
作者 Nicky Sicks 2010年9月02日
The true name of the pittsburgh penguin's forward, Kühnhackl
....and cunt knuckle is hit hard against the boards
作者 mtstuba 2016年5月22日


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