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Dirty Brown Person

A necesity for any secluded racist.
"Dang nabbit i hate those DBP's!"
#racism #brown #nigga #paki #dirty
作者 D.Johnson 2008年2月29日
Douche-Bag, Pussy
usually in reference to, guys or some girls who act, clingy and annoying in relationships and life in general

they're shady sketchy and, whorish in nature and have no real friends because all they talk about is themselves
they all need to, grow a pair and get their own life instead of ruining everyone else's
Guy: Do you like my new V-neck?
Girl: You look like a fucking DBP wearing a sky blue v-neck from American Eagle faggot.

Guy: Why were you ignoring me last night and not replying to any of my texts??? :(( </3
Girl: Fuck you I'm not even dating you. Leave me alone you DBP.
#pussy #guys #clingy #whorish #grow a pair
作者 bwterrydayy 2011年10月03日
Simply put, the DRUNKEST BITCH at the PARTY. You know the one...dancing on tables, spilling her drink, giving lap dances, the one everyone has stories about the next day. generally the sloppiest and most fucked up bitch.
Rachel was definitely d.b.p. last night. She tried to play beer pong with mangos!
#drunk #girl #bitch #party #slut
作者 lastnightsd.b.p. 2009年9月27日
Don't Be Porn. Well known by Mirfandas everywhere.
OMG DBP Katherine! I can practically see your boobs.
#miranda #don't be porn #miranda sings #haters #listick
作者 arianamiranda 2014年11月08日
Short for 'Dime Bar Pie' - a well loved dessert, dispensed regularly with pleasure by the Gonville & Caius College Cambridge waitering staff, much to the delight of the students, who are hungry for a slice of the crowning glory of their 800 year old institution.
"What's on the menu tonight?"
#dbp #gonville and caius #caius #dime bar #dime bar pie
作者 Tony the Chef 2013年4月30日
douche bag pills; they seem to enhance a guys douche-ness
Girl 1: "OMG. those guys must be overdosing on DBPs"
Girl 2: "i know, right?"
#douche #douchebag #asshole #dunce #idiot
作者 urbanuser125343 2011年11月23日
"Don't Be a Pussy"- Coach Dick Drew
Go for the ground ball and DBP. You're twice as big as these bitches.
#pussy #don't #ground ball #lacrosse #bitch
作者 kdj;lasdjk;lds 2011年3月28日


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