Acronym for "Destroy The System"
We have to DTS before it destroys us.
作者 Jazalyn 2004年11月28日
Another medical term, used to describe obese people who are a Danger To Shipping. Those crazy doctors...
"Ms Winters has a fractured right femur, severe brusing along her right arm and is DTS."
作者 Mr Ben 2005年2月08日
Do The Sex. The act or anticipation of copulation.
Ah man, I'd like to DTS that girl!

I'm going to DTS all night tonight!
作者 Dragonbreathp9d 2006年7月07日
down town sihks
dts every ones afraid of us
作者 lootu 2003年5月20日
Dumb Thoughtless Supporter. Love it or Leave it belongs in this category. He is like cattle, being herded by the government. One of the greatest things about this country is that we have freedom of speech, and that we have the choice to question our government's decisions. You must remember, politicians are still people too, and where's the proof of the weapons of mass destruction program?
DTS's like Love it or Leave it should not be allowed to live.
作者 wong 2003年9月06日
down to scissor
"They were making out in her bed pretty heavily, I bet they were DTS after that."
作者 mergern 2015年1月28日
Down to snuggle
The bae: hey I'm dts
作者 Not a side ho 2015年1月23日



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