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cigarettes, smokes, cancer sticks
hey, what kind of darts do you smoke?
i loves darts yiss
作者 justin112211 2006年9月11日
To Dart.
To Finger a Women's Vagina
Mike, "Went over to her house and darted her all night long!"
Colin, "you're a pussy, you didn't even get a blowy"
作者 NeedToKnowMOFO 2010年11月04日
to finger a girl usually referred to as darting.
have you darted her yet?
作者 kyleharvey 2006年3月02日
A ciggarette.
"Keen to go outside for another dart?"
作者 Diego 2003年9月03日
a tobacco cigarette,
You wanna chill here while i have this dart?
作者 da_man 2003年4月21日
"Great darts" meaning well done in any context, not just a game of arrers.
"That was great darts when you convinced the copper that was just some oregano you were just about to drop off to your gran."
作者 Billy Bob McSanchez 2006年5月25日


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