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diffrent way of saying of the word "dawg" or "dog" its used to talk to someone without saying their name.
Damn derg, you mad as shit.
作者 c hayes 2008年3月15日
Everything, nothing and something. Everyone, no one and someone. Everywhere, nowhere and somewhere. Derg is the universe. Derg is a word that can mean anything and everything.
I derg with derg.
作者 The all knowing derg alliance 2016年5月28日
Someone that is an idiot or a wanker. Also has Irish links to red (hair)
Chyli's a derg because he stole that poster
作者 Sirdergalot 2006年12月05日
01 someone who lacks intelligence
02 a verbal expression of a brain fart
uh derg da derg derg derg?
作者 princesslg 2009年5月31日
To have sexual intercourse
Candice: did you get dergs?
Catty:totally got dergs last night off tinder boy
作者 Brittles 2014年5月15日
someone who speaks the derg language
dat nigga is the rillest durg forreal tho
作者 bobby 2003年1月30日
expressing annoyance. Like "ugh"
"derg, my mom wont let me go out tonight!"
作者 Sonia 2005年3月21日


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