FINE ASS BITCH!!!! bangin ass body.
OMFG look that girl! SHE'S A DIME PIECE!!
作者 lolo666 2008年8月15日
A really hot chick you'd love to do.
Damn, look at that dime piece!
作者 K.Rad. 2008年5月08日
A 10 dollar bag of usually sub-par marijuana.
Let's hop in da whip and ride down to Martin Luther King Blvd and cop a Dime Piece.
作者 Chris Chris 2008年5月21日
Someone of any sex who is above normal in physical attraction.

See also nickel peice
For instance, in my US II class, Nina said:
"Oh my God! Mr. Brennan is so fine. I swear, he is mad hot. He is such a dime piece!"
作者 Katie_ 2005年10月17日
A $10 rock of crack cocaine.
"Yo, lemme get a dime piece!"
作者 Allan Dayton 2005年9月10日
"Dime Piece" is a combination of the words "Dime" and "Piece". It is used to describe the small bits of an american 10 cent coin that has been broken into multiple parts
hey man, i just broke my dime.
"don't worry i have an extra dime piece here"
cool, now i have enough to but some tasty, smooth pudding
作者 Dusitn for Pres in 96 2005年4月24日


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