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The Best White Basketball Player Of The New Millenium
Dirk Nowitzki Is The New Larry Bird
作者 John Mazz 2005年5月19日
NBA player that just took his talents to South Beach and um, beat the Miami Heat.
Dirk Nowitzki showed up to the Finals while LeBron did not
#nba #dallas mavericks #champion #finals mvp #took talents to south beach #and beat the heat #german
作者 personwhotypesonud 2011年6月13日
the finest best NBA player the world has ever seen!
Dirk Nowitzki is so dreamy and hott and talented
#hott #german #sexy #talented #fine
作者 ada41 2006年5月08日
Big dumb German that is seven feet tall but is too scared to post anyone up. He often shoots from the out side making some of his shots unless it’s a big game then he will miss all his shots. This not to mention his lack of defensive skill or heart.
Look at Dirk Nowitzki he is such a great player. Wait till the playoffs he will choke like ever year. I think I see vaginal fluid coming from the back of his shorts
#big #dumb #german #choke #soft #sorry
作者 AdamDub 2007年5月04日


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