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The epitome of forfeiture.

These people are completely void of any common sense and contradict each others ideas/actions on a daily basis despite having "Divine" in their name. Some of these people have been abused mentally or physically and need to vent their frustration on others with extreme tunnel vision or by being severely biased.
Legaloss from Divine Forces had some Corruption members wrongfully banned on RSC because of his sexual frustration issues. Hopefully, Darkmafia can use his manpowers and please him.
作者 Chuck Hog 2007年2月07日
Shit clan on the game runescape who mass recruited a bunch of 12 year olds from the clan Dark Slayers who died because their leader claimed to have a real life so he shut it down. Now Divine Forces or, Divine Slayers, Dragonhide Forces, think they are the best on the game of runescape when they suck.
#### Hash is cool , when we use ### we get boners Divine Forces.
DF, Purple Power!!!! Divine Forces.
作者 Runescape Community 2007年3月26日
A Top Clan on the Online MMORPG RuneScape - With an extremely effective leadership team, they are by a long way the best clan in the game currently, regularly pulling over 100 people to PK trips and other Events.
Holy crap! It's Divine Forces! Let's run to Mossies or Log Off so we don't die!
作者 CC-DF 2011年3月05日


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