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acronym for Dawn of War, in reference to the highly popular computer game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.
"Hey man, I won't be on Diablo 2 tonight, I'm pulling an all-nighter on DoW."
作者 Josh Waisanen 2005年10月11日
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The Dow Jones Industrial Average, Most Commonly know as The Dow, is a listing of major U.S stocks.
The DOW is up 1000 points!
作者 $lim $hady 2008年10月18日
Ghetto for door
man, answer the dow
作者 cxfuent 2009年9月17日
A single cigarette.
The only way I get through every night
"yo man, lemme bum a dow" - Your friend with no money
作者 Nail 2005年1月03日
Short for "Dirty Old Woman." This is the politically correct equivalent to Dom "Dirty Old Man." A Dow is the older woman who preys on younger men
"The cougar" slept with all the twenty-somethings in the house; what a Dow!
作者 kaitmk 2009年4月15日
A way of saying dollar.
Where muh dows, brah?
作者 IneedH3lp 2011年8月17日
short for "windows," specifically car windows. not to be confused with car "doors."
"eh man, this car's gettin boxed like a motha fucka. crack them dows."
作者 austin drake 2009年1月31日



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