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A popular college drinking game that is similar to "Edward 40 Hands", only the difference is that instead of fourties, you hold two bottles of MD 20/20 aka "Mad Dog". The rules of the game are that you always have a bottle in each hand (With the option of duct taping them to your hand so nobody backs out), and you HAVE to finish both bottles.
Jim - "Dude, let's play some Edward 40 Hands tonight!"
DJ - "Naw man, I'm not feeling beer. Let's get sexy drunk off some wine!"
Jim - "Even better! We can do both! Let's play some Dog Paws!"
#md 20/20 #mad dog #edward 40 hands #dog pause #dawg paws #dawg pause
作者 IMcINasty 2009年9月30日
Obnoxious bulge in the male pelvic region. The male equivalent of a "camel toe"
Kathryn could not help but stare at Mark's dog paw through the entire meeting.
#genitals #bulge #camel toe #shaft #pelvic
作者 brown cobra 2010年9月07日
to jerk off with your thumb toward the base of your penis
(action verb) Meric frequently dog paw's to pictures in National Geographic.
#flog the bishop #choke the chicken #whack off #masterbate #penis #jerk off
作者 Shockers 2006年4月24日
A dogpaw is a mans penis that is covered in thick hair all the way up to the head of the penis.
Damn, it's time to shave the dogpaw again
#dogs paw #dog-paw #dogs-paw #rover paw #fido paw
作者 Shawn 2006年6月14日
When a dog stands in shit which results in them gaining a dog paw.
Fido just stood in shit and now he has a dog paw.
#dog #paw #shit #toe #hound #bruno
作者 Jeeves and Wooster 2007年5月03日


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