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to chatter amiably; To have a good conversation with
The word Doke is a verb and one of the most American words in the English Language
John Doe was upset but a doke with his best friend made him feel better

I wanted to doke that brunette at the party so bad but I was too shy to make a move

Hey My name is _____ Lets Doke!
作者 Daykallmesaga 2011年9月10日
Short for "okey dokey" - meaning "OK".
作者 tdrum 2010年7月09日
if you smell doke, you are basically sniffing dank smoke coming from a joint in the distance
hey homie, do you smell that doke?
作者 LordOmega 2014年11月14日
the n-word for a white person
that guy broke my tv. he's such a doke!
作者 db33 2012年3月20日
Buttocks of ladies
"Hey, look at that girl, nice dokes, hmmm"
作者 $mart@$$ 2009年4月10日
To take a hit from a bong through your penis.

Also known as "hitting the shlong bong" and "dro-job"
Max and Cam were getting doked out together on the balcony.
作者 thestraightrealest 2012年9月29日
When a girl is wearing short shorts and their bottom hangs out the back
"That girl has nasty doke"
作者 Dokelover 2012年2月27日



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