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A doker is a poker donkey mule who can not lay down any pocket pair. Dokers usually like to see many flops and continue to chase any draw no matter what. A typical online mule stable (online poker room) has numerous e-donks (dokers). Dokers increase in amount at lower stakes and are somewhat reduced at higher stakes. Dokers found at higher stakes provide maximum entertainment value and are shark-scoped at loss of thousands of dollars.
"that freakin doker called me down with pocket 3's!", "This table has so many dokers", "If you dokers wanna see it, I'll make you pay to play."
作者 E-Donk 2009年11月17日
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a fine descriptive for the penis, usually reserved for conversations with blue collar working folk or for tall tales with your friends.
"of course the broad was hot! i had to slap her the doker twice last night!
作者 deuce 2003年10月03日
A drug made with 1/3 advil, 1/3 ecstacy & 1/3 angel dust, sprinkled into a pipe or on a paper & rolled up and is smoked.
Man, me & eddy smoked a whole lot of doker last night.
作者 Marty Willis 2007年12月22日
DOH! Ker
Homer DOH! ker
作者 Anonymous 2003年5月04日



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