a jamaican bad man..anyone who thinks that black people can't be Dons..get your silly ass on a plane to Kingston and see who Run Tings!
is me a di Don a dis ya yard!!!
作者 Rankin Dread 2006年3月15日
To injure yourself playing a non-sport
dude I pulled a don playing fussball
作者 grixti 2007年10月28日
slang for Dumb Old Nigga
DON is the father of DAN (Dumb Ass Nigga)
作者 slicksal 2006年6月24日
latin for jackass see don spiers
dude chill out your bein a freakin don
作者 Lars Ulrich 2004年2月05日
Another word for "toilet."
"I've had too much coffee today. I'm going to the Don."
作者 'Nator 2009年5月28日
A guy who thinks he is all that like the leader, or the coolest guy in the world. Thinks girls like him when they actually think he is repolsive and a pervert.

Leader of a mini mafia, which is made up of one person who is himself.

Don - "I totally like jerked off to your girlfriends face"
Other Person - "Yea... thats sort of gay"
Don - "N-No its not!
Other Person - Yea it is.
Don - "Hey check out my muscles they're so big."
Other Person - (Punches Don in the face and walks away) Deuch.
Don - "At least I still got picks on my phone." (Phone breaks and Don cries)
作者 Space'n Out 2009年3月10日
an east bay badass
daaaamn, don's in oakland again.
作者 max 2003年10月24日


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