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To be fooled or tricked by someone, usually in a money or business transactions.
In the NBC's "The Apprentice"...

Katrina was dooped by Troy, so Tammy was fired!
作者 Rose (Pinay) 2004年2月19日
bamboozeled, brain washed, played for a fool, suckered, taken advantage of, intentionally mentally over whelmed, they used your emotions to confuse your thoughts etc.
We were dooped by this headline: BOTTLED WATER LINKED TO HEALTHIER BABIES. Without further evidence, this invitation should be refused, since affluent parents are more likely both to drink bottled water and to have healthy children; they have the stability and where withal to offer good food, clothing, shelter, and amenities. Families that own cappuccino makers are more likely to have healthy babies for the same reason. Making a practice of questioning correlations when reading about "links" between this practice and that condition is good statistical hygiene." A Quote from: William C. Burns
#suckered #slicked #skinned #screwed #had
作者 SuperDave3 2006年10月25日
The act of being on a cycle of anabolic steroids.
Dude, look at that guy! He's so dooped up!
#doop #roided #roids #juiced #steroid
作者 Dmanzors 2009年9月01日
Adj. Being dooped means to be faded (high, drunk, or both) to the extent that you cant say those words so you just say "im doooooped!"

also can be spelled duped
"we just smoked a fat ass bleezy at g moneys house"

"we dooped!"
#duped #dooped #high #drunk #both
作者 steppinonacat 2007年5月03日
Getting merked on on the special K
Doop doop De Doop doop............Dooped
#ketamine #you #mom #is #a fat #whore
作者 analinspiration 2010年9月21日
another word for laid or boinked
Haha! you just got dooped
作者 jordan fuentes 2003年12月05日


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