noun. a youth who sells dope, usually crack or powder cocaine or heroin
"Be careful walking down 13th Street, cuz the dopeboys hug the block there something fierce."
#drug dealer #hustler #trapper #slinger #dem boyz
作者 wisegod 2005年10月05日
An illicit drug, especially marijuana
The cops found the dope I had hidden under my nuts
作者 blahblah 2004年3月16日
Any drug that you don't respect.
Square (In refrence to Pot): "Gee, golly! Don't you know they call it 'Dope' for a reason?"

Pot-head (In refrence to Coke): "Hey man, I ain't never ganna touch no Dope"

Coke-Head (In refrence to Heroin): "Man, that moron Jimmy is dippin' into that Dope again"
#coke #dope #heroin #marijuana #pot
作者 Captain Hash 2006年8月25日
another word for maurjauna or drugs.
"yo bro u got any dope?"
作者 lLeWeLlyN 2004年9月01日
1. Take drugs to improve one's athletic performance.
2. Marijuana.
3. A band.
1. China uses dope to enhance it's players in the Olympics.
2. That's some good marijuana, dogg.
3. Dope's video Bitch has lots of naked lesbian action in it.
作者 damndumbass 2004年8月15日
a: Adjective referring to something stimulating
b: Noun for any powdered substance
a: That rollercoaster ride was dope.
a2: That chicks ass is dope
b: They found dope in the pocket of the dead junkie.
作者 Roland 2003年7月28日
really, really, really cool
This is dope!
作者 rebecca 2003年3月30日


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