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Swag, Swagger

originated in Dallas
"she said she like MY DOUGIE, im fresh, MY DOUGIE...yep fly then a mofucka" Lil' Wil - My Dougie
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作者 ya_nigga_l3o 2008年2月03日
The term "dougie" derives from the name of 80's early 90's Hip Hopper Doug-E- Fresh. The term "dougie" means to have a cool or hip stlye.
If we are going to go out tonight I need to go home and get dougie before we go.
#fresh #clean #attractive #style #cool
作者 Rahsean 2005年12月28日
Originally inspired by the 80's rapper Doug E Fresh. He did a motion where he rubbed his head with his hand from the front to the back.

Later, rapper Cam'ron coined the phrase in a movie. He was sexin a girl doogystyle and did the same motion as Doug E Fresh. "I hit her with tha dougie" This can be used when talking about havin sex with a female

Now, there is a dance called the Dallas boogie that later turned into the dougie because the Doug E Fresh motion was added to the dance
"Man, I hit that hoe with tha dougie! Had her screamin my name and shit!"

"They need to play Lil Wil so I can do my dougie!"
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作者 LilDiva2 2010年2月07日
the way you carry yourself
also a dance
Girl his dougie is fresh.
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作者 aprillove 2008年3月27日
A boy, who always has sarcasm waiting for anything anyone says. He is a jokester. He is the definition of smart ass.
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作者 erballin 2011年10月21日
More commonly known in society as a "dougie lump", dougie is a slang and derogatory term for the man-nugget which infests itself in the human gut for several days before torpedoing out of the anus.

It's pungence is often stomach churning with it's appearance more often than not in a solid form, ranging from a deep walnut shade to a more golden harvest tone.
"I'll be back in ten sweetheart, I'm just going to drop Dougie off at the pool"
#dougie lump #turd #shit #poo #anus
作者 La Hamshank 2013年2月20日
An alcoholic drink known for it's "fresh" taste and for it's ability to get you drunk quick.

Originally popularized at Friday's restaurants in the San Diego, Ca area.

Consists of a long island with Champaign and redbull added on top.
Man the dougie's got me last night!!
#doug-e-fresh #doug #long island #friday's #alcohol #douggie #douggy #dougy
作者 AndersSlayer 2011年2月06日


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