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I'm really surprised at the illiteracy of our society. I think that many people have a learning disability, especially when you ask them what they think Down Syndrome is. It's actually called Trisomy 21. People with this CONDITION (not disease) have an extra chromosome. The 21st chromosome tripled at conception. Most down syndrome people have medical problems such as, heart defects, liver problems and kidney problems. Their weight problems come from their thyroid being too high or too low. These guys can learn, just a little slower than you and I. This is not a disease, it is a condition. They also have features that aren't like ours, which makes them unique. Their not perfect, but neither are we. When you find someone who is, then I think you'd better call the American Medical Association. What makes them much different than some of you that have tried to define this condition is that they are better than you because they have no concept of judgement. You will never hear them judge someone elses way of life. I've read many of the definitions on this site and I can only say that I'm really dissapointed to know that their are that many cruel people out there. YOU rude people are the reason that down syndrome people are rude. They have to protect themselves from people like you. What "DISEASE" do you have that makes you the way you are? These kids are blessed children of God. They don't know what evil is. In closing, the next time you want to create your own definition of something, use your brain and look it up in a dictionary first. As for those of you who bashed this condition, you just made yourself look like a real dumb-ass.
I am a mother of a beautiful little girl who has down syndrome. I can only say to you who down this conditon that you are the ones with a very selfish disease called "JUDGEMENT"
作者 PROUD mom of a down syndrome child 2005年7月23日
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A Retard.
That fat stupid fuck has down syndrome "trisomy 21" and, like a mule, ill-bred dog, or sci-fi mutant, cannot reproduce - a likely fail safe implemented by Mother Nature to prevent such horrid monsters from fucking up the entire human race.
作者 I Cant Believe it's Not Normal 2010年6月02日



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