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Crap, garbage.
It's dreck and you know it.
作者 VW 2003年12月12日
filth, dirt, German word first used by James Joyce in Ulysses
dreck stinks
作者 klidenengro 2004年1月30日
Yiddish/German word for crap, garbage, trash, etc. The kind of shit that you don't want to step in, and if you do, you'll be walking funny for the next two blocks in an attempt to scrape it off your shoe.

The term is sometimes used to refer to Luke fon Fabre, protagonist of the game "Tales of the Abyss."
Ew, you went out with that slut? She's total dreck. Dump her immediately.
作者 Numdenu 2010年11月21日
Lower class item or individual.
britney spears is dreck.
作者 SOCIALDGIRL 2004年4月03日
(noun) from the combination of Dreadful and Wreck (coined by Andre Leon Talley/judge on America's Next Top Model and editor for Vogue)
She was a dreck in that ridiculous outfit.
作者 realityandtoast 2011年2月07日



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