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The word that comes between "k" and "p." In advanced cultures, it replaces the letters "l," "m," "n," and "o."
a, b, c, d, e, f, g,
h, i, j, k, elemeno, p,
q, r, s,
t, u, v,
w, x,
y, and z.
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作者 Dan Simonson, Emperor of the Moon 2006年2月12日
A word randomly inserted in the abc song(usually by young children), thus replacing lmno
Kid: abcdefghijkELMENOpqrstuvwxy and z, now I know my abc's next time won't you sing with me!

Teacher: Kiddo, it's l,m,n,o, not elemeno.

Kid: But that's what I said...
#alphbet #lmno #abc #abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz #abcdefghijkelemenopqrstuvwxyz
作者 The OC Addict 2010年5月23日
Elemeno (a/k/a "e*") is the evolved letter of Alphabet 2.0 that comes between the letters K and P. Elemeno possesses all the sounds of the Alphabet 1.0 letters L, M, N and O, and can be used interchangeable with any of these letters or any combination thereof.
"My favorite letter is Elemeno because it makes annunciation so darn easy!"

Excerpt of The Alphabet Song:

"A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
H, I, J, K, Elemeno P."

"The letter Elemeno is my favorite letter of Alphabet 2.0."
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作者 Paralinquist 2014年4月27日
A sequence of letters in the alphabet that I'm sure we all used to think it was one letter, elemeno.
"Say the Alphabet!"
作者 Direct_at&t_ spectrum 2016年5月21日
The letter after 'K'
Person 1: *Reciting the alphabet* "...h, I, j, k, elemeno, p..."
#alphabet #recite #k #person #elemeno
作者 JustEvergreen 2015年5月13日
balance; the state of constant practice of.
"With the constant force between love and hate dismantling fresh perspective, she must share neighbours and enemies as a people; equal and common. (elemeno) - example of.
#balance #love #word #words #symmetry
作者 Tyson Marshall 2008年12月01日
to have extream and loud intercourse.
Yo i elemenoed my girlfriend so haerd yesterday.
#crazy #sex #fun #amazing #outstanding
作者 blaablaablaa123456789 2009年12月24日


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