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A made up number Keanu Reeves decided to bet for Final Jeopardy.
"I bet eleventy billion dollars."
"That's not even a real number"
作者 Trebek 2003年12月30日
The biggest number there is; the most; used when something is extreme; used in over-exaggeration
I got stopped at eleventy billion red lights on the way here.
#eleventy #billion #eleventybillion #a lot #exaggerate #shit load
作者 Jenga650 2006年8月26日
Something used to Express Serious examples
I told Coolnick eleventy billion times that he is a faggot and didn't make the word up!
#eleventy billion #css #coolnick #gay #serious
作者 Woofers 2008年6月18日
the most kick ass number on this planet
either you give me eleventy billion dollars or i'll fuck you to mars
作者 moop 2004年2月03日


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