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"Emer" refers to the one extremely hot girl at the party! . . . a party isnt a party without an Emer.
guy1: "oh my god, do you see that girl?! she is a stunner . . "

guy2: " Yeh, thats Emer . . ."
#hot #stunner #booty #sexy #goddess
作者 Alex1000 2010年2月03日
a bitch, a pussy, all together an anal butt plug.
-Someone that talks massive amounts of shit but will never back it up.
-Someone who runs his mouth non stop.'
- One who acts like the big bad wolf but in reality is a quivering mouse
-Generally a tool that doesnt know he is a tool.
Other synonyms that go with Emer: wanker, douche,dick bag, nut less, gutless, shit talker, tool bag.
Franky was going to knock the punk out but the kid ducked and ran like a complete emer
#emer #brostep #tool #subvandal crew #gay
作者 Northside Philly Joe 2011年8月07日
A pretty girl with a great personality. Normally has an awesome Indian boyfriend.
You rarely see Indian kids with girlfriends, but the one I know is going out with an Emer!
#pretty #bootylicious #smart #anne #emur
作者 brownie9984 2011年8月29日
Some girl you meet randomly and hook up with. Who then robs your sorry arse of all your clothes and money, leaving you stranded.
Person1: Dude, I need help. This chick I hooked up with last night totally robbed me. I need you to come and pick me up 'cause i'm butt naked and broke right now.

Person2: Ouch. Dude, you just met a total Emer.
#bitch #slut #thief #sexy #booty call
作者 Speranza 2009年10月11日
emer is a shade of green
- what color is that?
- why its emer of course.
作者 allie 2005年4月23日
Someone who is a know-it-all
Hey, shut up you damn emer
作者 Jesse Denning 2003年11月03日
AKA the ovary buster
1st dude - holy shit dude, she blacked out on me last night
2nd dude - aha your finnaly an emer
#nasty #ill #nice #filty #ovarybuster
作者 WUSSGOODBITCHass 2009年8月03日


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