Fucking old guy the generalized term, or fucking obese girl
God shes a fog
作者 REAL FOG 2015年2月24日
fuckable older guy
Man look at him, he might be 40 but he's still a F.O.G.
作者 FOGlover 2009年11月29日
Acronym for "Fucking Old Guy".
That F.O.G. is so damn old he shits himself and doesn't even realize it.
作者 Rick Geary 2007年4月09日
Dense; whether its weather or thoughts
He hit me with a fog when i got yelled at man.
作者 Cn Clear 2011年1月05日
Def: Friend Of Girl
-Damn Spitz, you gonna rail her or what?
"Nah man I'm just gonna take her home. She's had too much to drink."
-Stop being such a F.O.G..
作者 silk manning 2009年4月16日
Flow on the Go. An act of smoking the leaf of the cannabis plant whilst driving down a long and lonesome road.
Hey man, you wanna head down Airport and take a F.O.G.?
作者 Nordic Jesus 2006年10月09日
the day after getting really high, and you have a marijuana hang over.

not being all there the next day after consuming a lot of THC
to get over "the fog" exercise, take a warm bath, drink water until you're 100% normal
作者 Katlinn 2012年1月05日



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