Fucking old guy the generalized term, or fucking obese girl
God shes a fog
作者 REAL FOG 2015年2月24日
Acronym for "Fucking Old Guy".
That F.O.G. is so damn old he shits himself and doesn't even realize it.
作者 Rick Geary 2007年4月09日
Fly Over Gruntsquat
best performed with pre-jizz already leaking out and someone you may or may not like is passed out on their back.

work up to pre-jizz...
Fly Over Gruntsquat 'em.
pics are always handy.
again, follow the directions
F.O.G. someone this weekend....they'll love you for it.
作者 geoski 2006年9月14日
Dense; whether its weather or thoughts
He hit me with a fog when i got yelled at man.
作者 Cn Clear 2011年1月05日
Def: Friend Of Girl
-Damn Spitz, you gonna rail her or what?
"Nah man I'm just gonna take her home. She's had too much to drink."
-Stop being such a F.O.G..
作者 silk manning 2009年4月16日
the day after getting really high, and you have a marijuana hang over.

not being all there the next day after consuming a lot of THC
to get over "the fog" exercise, take a warm bath, drink water until you're 100% normal
作者 Katlinn 2012年1月05日
Creates an obstructive fog across a scene.
With the use of a Fog and a run through the streets of London, I could hear Farqual cursing behind me.
作者 BartimaeusDefs 2009年10月28日



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