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fucked up robot

(originated from a team at a well known robotic competition MASLAB at MIT in 2010 who actually named their robot 'FUR' after repeated failures.)
It's already been 30 days, and my SmashRobo can't even move more then 3 seconds; We should rename it for FUR at its Best.
#mit #autonomous #robot #engineering faliure #engineering #failure
作者 mks11 2011年7月23日
10 Words related to FUR
n. Members of the furry fandom. Often confused with furries.
Those artists at that table are furs.
#furs #furries #furry fandom #fursecution #furry
作者 Caoimhin 2008年6月16日
Human Pubic Hair, or lack there of
Louis has no fur at all for a 13 year old guy!
作者 Jack 2004年11月12日
A familiar label for a furry often used like the word “person” or "human."
Many of my fellow furs would agree.
作者 Colin Ritter 2003年8月06日
n. the act or state of sexual intercourse refering to the pubic hair of the female. origin: Baltimore,Maryland.
I'm going to get me some fur tonight.
作者 tdogg 2003年12月29日
Common word for the eyebrows. For the brows over the eyes. Fur occurs in most people with the name Dave.
"Hey Dave, your brows are huge!"
"I know Wook, It's my fur ;)"
#eye #brows #eyebrows #fur #dave
作者 CortzoWook 2011年9月29日
Redundant; pointless; foolish
After a 30 minute conversation about toothpicks, we all decided it was just too fur, and changed topics.
#redundant #stupid #foolish #long #pointless #worthless #furry #repeat #repetitive
作者 dreadtoad 2010年11月25日


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