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When someone on facebook constantly has the urge to just constantly post everything they are doing in every second of the day.
Aidan: Look at what he wrote, "Getting off the bus; Walking home; Just got home; Bored what to do; Think i might sleep; Off to sleep; Goodnight Facebook"

Cassie: Omg that guy is such a facebook fag!
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作者 mistermisterasdf 2009年11月14日
A group of 2 or more males that write regularly on eachother's facebook walls phrases such as "Hey Cutie", "Love Ya", Hey Sexy"...
These homosexual phrases are usually followed up by several cyber smiley faces and/or hearts.

In most cases this Facebook Fag conversion indicates slightly or full blown sexual interest in the male that they're are flirting with on facebook. Basically, they are truly fags and NOT trying to be funny.

They could easily text this gay conversation but they choose to let the world see how much of facebook fags they are by making it wall posts.
Fag 1: "Hey !! :)"
Fag 2: "Heyy Cutie <3"
Fag 1: "<3 I miss you :("
Fag 2: "I miss you too buddy :'( <3"
Smart Guy: "Wow you guys are facebook fags and nobody likes you"
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作者 dinoosuaarr 2010年7月11日
A person who is always on Facebook and acts like they are cool because of it.
Facebook is for fags so stop being a Facebook fag!
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作者 Nice2113 2011年12月14日
Some one who spends to much on
Yo joe get of Facebook you facebook fag
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作者 David Wight 2009年8月21日
mainly a male, takes pictures of themselves with their phones in front of a mirror, or webcam without a shirt, does all the LMS!!!, and truth is bull crap that meant for girls.
hey FACEBOOK FAG, your picture needs a shirt, im tired of lookin at your weak jelly belly
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作者 thvincelli3690 2012年2月26日
-A person who post quotes that they looked up on google and uses it as status updates.

-A person who quotes retards on facebook because they think it'll make them cool.
Like, OH EM GEE, look at this facebook fag who quoted lil wayne. Lil wayne sucks penises.
#facebook fag #quotes #stupid #unoriginal #poser #loser #depression #fag #lil wayne #dumbshit
作者 "Fuck you facebookfag"-Unknown 2010年11月04日
A person that spends far too much time logged into the website named facebook.
Good god Xavier is still online, he is a facebook fag!
#facebook #fag #online #time #gay
作者 Chris Ramage 2008年2月28日


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