(n) (plural: faggots) A generally faggotty person (usually male) who gets overwhelmingly popular on Facebook for no apparent reason. This may include posting utterly pointless 'relatable' Vlogs about 'how depressing life as a teenager is', to small twats for do stupid stuff which is '#funny' People who are 'Facebook Famous' are near the top of the SwagFag hierarchy, and are also under the 'Things wrong with the teenage generation' title as well.
(in a normal, spoken conversation) Person 1: Oh, have you heard of Will McGuiness <3 xxxxxxx

Person 2: OMG!!!! hes #hilarious xxxx

Person 1: IKR, hes like, Facebook Famous.
Person 2: OMG ROFL xxxxxxx LMFAO x

Normal Guy 1: Kill Yourselves
作者 Ireland&tsdominionsoftheGambia 2013年5月26日
Becoming popular because a facebook group you created about something drastic or fresh, blew up into gigantic proportions.
John: "you see his group? gonna go facebook famous"
Sam: "yeah. He'll have a thousand members by next week"
John: "spreadin like wildfire"
作者 tbs17 2009年12月26日
An individual who friended you, along with every other person in your dorm, prior to the start of the year and is easily recognizable. This person initially seems to be cool, but soon everyone outs him/her for the stalker that he/she is.
First Day of College:
John: Oh shit...isn't that _________ over there hitting on that broad?
Matt: You're right, that kid seems to be fucking awesome.

3 Weeks into College:
John: Look at that fucking Facebook Famous cock-monkey...he would not know a single person here without facebook.
Matt: Ya, that kid is a fucking douche-nozzle...
作者 The T-Bone 2006年11月09日
People who need to get a fucking life. They make probably 50 statuses a day, wasting half their day on Facebook therefore accomplishing nothing when they could be using their time productively . "Facebook famous" is one of the stupidest terms I've ever heard. You see all these other REAL famous people out there, they didn't get famous by sitting on their ass and making statuses like, "like if you're older than 12" shit like that. I swear this generation is the stupidest one yet. On some real shit y'all take a look at yourselves.
Person 1: Hey man I became Facebook famous I'm so proud of myself!

Person 2: What the fuck..? Get a life bro
作者 JohnHash 2014年8月01日
A person who became popular through Facebook some through good looks and others just being a massive faggot.
There are some who are actually good people but others are just pieces of shit.
Jake Mcmanus (FAGGOT), Will McGuiness (Funny), James Degnan (Good looks), Thomas Illiston (Looks like Niel from the Inbetweeners), Facebook Famous
作者 TheKingOfHyrule 2013年5月24日



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