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Another word for 'TO'
Seh mi and Gurpz Resi link up kum fi create a plan

Lizten fi da man
作者 Gurpz Resi 2004年5月04日
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fiancé, the man who a woman is engaged to be married to
my FI has huge fingers. The jeweler measured him at a 15.5 but said to order a 16 if we wanted a thicker band. My FI is 6'4" and a big guy so it makes sense.
作者 musterionanonim 2013年2月21日
Fuck It!!!
I was trying to do something good, but I just said F.I.
作者 WOrkthatclit 2009年7月19日
A common abbreviation for fish
"Look in that pond, there are two fi.s (Pronounced F-I-Dots) They are orange!"
作者 Jenny Any Dots 2006年4月14日
Factual Information.

Confirming a statement.
Going for a dump this morning Gaffer?

作者 Tommytux 2006年12月15日
the common abbreviation for fish
i have caught me a tasty fi.
作者 thursday 2006年4月16日
Female Irrationality Syndrome. A condition found in 99% of women with the inability to rationally think through situations logically.
Man: "Hey honey what do you want for dinner?"
Women: "don't mind you pick"
Man: "ok, Chinese"
Women: "I don't want Chinese!"
Man: "what do you want then?"
Women: "I don't care"
Man: "God damn F.I.S!!!"
作者 Dr3v0m 2015年2月14日



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