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1) really good, really swell
2) new and original
3) a good smell
"that new song has funky fresh beat!"
作者 j-la 2003年8月12日
A term used to discribe something that is cool, likeable or enjoyable that is also new.
"That shirt is funky fresh."
or "That beat is funky fresh."
作者 Amanda 2005年3月18日
Cool; hot; in style;
This beat is automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, "funkyfresh".
Yo, those boots are funkyfresh.
作者 Hailey 2005年3月24日
Different but cool
That Guy is funky fresh
#funky #fresh #different #cool #dope
作者 SoFunkyFresh 2009年5月30日
Fun stylish way to dress yourself in fashionable clothing
Ayy yoo Aleckz you lookin FUNKY FRESH today,like how you put that outfit together.
#style #swagg #creativity #freshness #clean
作者 Beezzy B 2010年8月18日
Something that's both funky and fresh
Funky Fresh gravy
作者 Bob 2003年3月13日
In the state of having a wicked hangover
Damn, son; that party was awesome. I'm funky fresh this morning, though.
#hangover #drunk #partied out #ragged #post-inebriate
作者 Cor-dog 2008年3月13日


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