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A term that one refers to their pet if it contains hair or fur .
I have to leave work because my Furbaby needs a walk.
作者 Harvey Reilander 2006年9月21日
noun - A term that childless couples use to describe their pet(s). Also known as a "pet child."
I got the best birthday present for my fur baby, Mittens - a diamond-studded collar!
作者 Goolia 2007年12月30日
A pet for someone who doesn't have kids
Gotta pick up my fur baby at the kennel.
作者 AustinAngel 2010年4月21日
Kitschy term used by Military Dependants or Overly Sensitive Military Wives to describe pets. This is a term of endearment, meant to elevate pets to the same level as children.
When my hubby got reassigned, I made sure to lug our Furbabies, too!
作者 OSMWfollower 2014年2月22日
an usually overly spoiled pampered primadona pet
My chihuahua is such a furbaby
作者 Jim is hot 2006年10月11日
A hairy pussy.
Susan shaved her furbaby.
作者 KillerKone 2015年7月20日
a slang term referring to a woman's vagina
I got to stick it in her fur baby.
作者 S H 2006年12月24日


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