noun - a group of girls. more than three, but less than ten.
that giggle of girls was having a shopgasm all day long!
作者 al gee 2007年4月28日
sarcastic response to a question
You're 'aving a giggle aint ya?
作者 Zani 2003年9月23日
to google nonchalantly
I giggled and GISed for winnebago man's demise.
作者 Yugdesiral 2005年6月03日
A group of 5 or more suburban stereotypical white teenage girls.
I was in Orange County and I saw a Giggle walk out of a local Starbucks.
作者 Hoothoot 2015年5月28日
A giggle is a vibrating smile, not laughter at all
She giggled at the thought this will be seen by another asshole.
作者 A_Hole 2015年4月08日



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