1. giant, emormous. very very big
That thing is ginormous!
作者 Melinda Truslow 2007年8月09日
Putting the word gigantic and enormous together. When something or especially someone is just big. Not a little fat they have to be for real fat, super fat.
My roommate drove me crazy all she did was sit around all day on her ginormous ass all the time.
作者 Ape A2 2007年4月26日
Bigger than large or huge.
That building was Ginormous!
作者 WordxMaster1 2013年4月17日
A conflation of the words "giant" and "enourmous"
Ron Jeremy has a ginormous cock.
作者 Miz Lee 2009年11月10日
Bigger than big...Huge, extreemly huge!
That's a ginormous room!
作者 midmob 2005年10月17日
something huge
That building was Gi-normous
作者 Jennings 2003年9月30日
Its bigger than giant and enormous when put together. Its bigger than huge.
Y'all look at that ginormous buildin'.
作者 Lauren Fay Duhon 2007年11月16日



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