Bigger than huge.
His ego was freaking ginormous!
作者 Xandra 2004年4月15日
Larger than enormous. Uniquely oversized.
That's not going to fit in my mouth! Its Ginormous
作者 Sober Princess 2009年10月22日
Very, Very BIG. A made up combination of gigantic and enormous.
That whale was ginormous!
作者 MelindaH 2008年4月16日
adjective: so gigantic and so enormous that it is entirely necessary to cram gigantic-enormous together to convey the true size of the item.
"The earth is a speck of dust compared to the ginormous size of the universe".

"The "99" restaurant serves ginormous portions of food per platter compared to say, "Applebees" or "Denny's".

作者 Siagiah Karlsson 2006年12月26日
large to a ridiculous degree, so much so that it requires a combination "giant" AND "enormous"
Man, that bitches ass is ginormous!
作者 Bogmon 2005年5月14日
idunno, i jus thought it was big
suzy's little penis is the opposite of ginormous
作者 amanda 2004年3月10日
It's Fuckin' Huge!!!!!!!!!
That is a Ginormous Penis!!!
作者 sg1maniac 2008年2月28日



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