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Derived from the word gnarly. It is a general sign of approval, and can be used for any expression of approval.

Its origins are from the suburbs of Cincinnati, and it is usually accompanied by the 'hang loose' hand gesture in a shaking motion.
Can you believe how hard I threw that orange at that guy? it was so gnarl.
作者 JMlist 2010年7月11日
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Adjective: a variation on gnarly, but when used to describe the traits or attributes of human beings it becomes negative and denotes something grotesque in appearance or odor
dude.. did you see that girl Tom hooked up with?, yeah bro, that chic was gnarls.

I smelt her once and I knew she was gnarls
作者 mr_vernacular 2007年11月10日
cool. crazy. insane
作者 Anonymous 2003年1月24日
Funky, another word for gnarly.
Shit, that smells narls.
作者 dopey 2003年9月24日
To forcibly remove another person's penis with your teeth.
Damn, last night I got gnarled and now I can't pee!
作者 TheGnarlerr 2009年5月29日
Something tightly twisted and swollen.

1.) Twist into a deformed or damaged state.
2.) Make noises and remarks of displeasure and disapproval
"The old boxer's fists were two gnarls."

1.) "The dog gnarled the chew toy."
2.) "That woman is so wild she gnarled at me!"
作者 Vananator 2010年6月25日
amazing, great, superb
Dawg that bud was gnarl!
作者 Jim12 2008年4月28日



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