It means you are going hard and harder, fast and faster, and strong and stronger.
We are going ham
作者 3DBrownell 2013年1月12日
Its a rocky reference because he punches pig carcases
im going ham on him, he will be in lots of pain
作者 goofyball 2015年2月13日
upgrading from bologna
If I have to eat one more bologna sandwich I'm going ham.
作者 princejackson'sfantasygirl95 2011年2月21日
According to"Jay-Z and Kanye West dropped their first single, "H.A.M.," on Tuesday, January 11th, but their record may have overshadowed another "ham" song: Yung Joc and Gucci Mane's "Going Ham" leaked over the weekend.

The tracks aren't related, nor do they have anything to do with a choice cut of pig: The Jay and 'Ye song name is actually an acronym that stands for "Hard As a Mother----er," while Joc and Gucci's version is based on the Atlanta term "going ham," which is a derivative of mayhem. Joc admits most people may not even know the term's origin."
You going ham tonight?
Nah, I got finals tomorrow.
作者 BurgerSack 2011年5月19日
The process of going "Hard As a Motherfucker", usually while working very hard on something or focusing intensely on video games
Jim: Wow John is really going HAM right now huh?
Phil: Yeah i havent seen him look away from his TV in hours
作者 Mr.iRageDxT 2011年5月26日
going hard" "getting hammered
this summer we are deff going ham all the time
作者 becfosho 2011年6月08日
Verb. To go crazy, all out, like a bro.
Did you see Abby going ham at the show lastnight? Yeah the finch always goes ham.
作者 l3ahlives4br3akdowns 2010年10月26日


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