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Someone Who is Left-Handed;
Used Before 1900 AD, in Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire.
Thought to be from an either Norse, or Old English Root.
" He lost his right arm in a war, so he had to become a Golly-Wifter "
#cuddy-wifter #left-hander #left-handed #right-arm-gone #gollywifter.
作者 Cyril Squirrel 2007年4月01日
Deprecatory Adjective: Someone who is Left-Handed.
Used in North Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire.
Thought to be Old English.
" As he lost his right arm in the war he's had no other choice but to become a golly-wifter.
#leftt-handed #right-handed #cuddy-wifter #wrong-handed #right-arm-gone.
作者 Cyril Squirrel 2007年4月01日


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