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The,hairs, spines or feathers of an animal, which are raised when the creature in question is distressed.
"Suddenly there was a crash downstairs,I thought it was a freaking burglar!it turned out it was the darn cat,I had my hackles up over nothing!"
作者 Scarlo 2008年9月04日
The hair on the back of your neck.
"Don't get your hackles up."
i.e. "Don't get your panties in a bunch"
作者 The Office IT Department 2008年5月22日
The feathers in the neck of a dominating cock or a so called rooster.
Woah that rooster must have fucking large and long hackles in its neck:O
作者 ChrisO'Neat 2010年5月12日
To be really irritated. Also the name of a funny webcomic.
作者 w00tw00t 2003年4月05日
Hackle: When someone both cackles (laughs) and hacks(coughs) at the same time.
I think that dude is going to die. Do you hear his hackle? I think he's going to hackle up a lung.
作者 McBobberson 2009年6月01日
native american mud huts
I live in a hackle
作者 hak-uls 2003年4月08日
A combanation of "hack" and "tackle" which defines an over zealous challenge in football/soccer.
"Oh Dear, that chap seems to have been badly hackled there, look here Ref send that unsporting ruffian off."
作者 palacejester 2004年12月29日


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