Herpderp is the smell of herpadermis.
Being able to smell ones face in the case they have herpes of the face.

The process of facial screening before sexual intercourse of the face
"i had to herpderp her face with my tongue to make sure she was clean
作者 HerbDerby 2010年7月26日
Top Definition
An expression used when a person, or yourself, has done somthing extremely stupid and dopey
Person 1: Dude, I just hit my head on the door.
Person 2: HERP DERP.
作者 Kommandant 2009年11月25日
Another way of saying duh.
Stacey: I ordered the food, it will be here in 10 minutes.
Louise: okay when will it be here?
作者 TheObieOne 2010年5月10日
the answer for every physics problem according to idiot hipsters that think they are so cool
Q: What is the force of gravity?
A: herp-derp
Teacher: you're a moron
作者 what??oh i get it . . . kinda 2011年5月26日
A rage face showing expression of dumbness or suprising.
Hey, look, it's the herp derp face!
作者 superworddude 2014年5月16日
A word used for complete randomness.
Alex: I'm bored. Herpderp.
Abe Harrington!
My boyfriend, Abe, is a herp derp!
作者 JoryPoopyPants 2012年1月02日



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