Dude tha blunt was hoss
作者 Squirrel Master 2003年7月21日
one who is large, fat, obiese, over weight
that woman down there eating all that food is a hoss
作者 loooooooooo 2008年7月10日
The name For a big Penis.
Like He's Hung like a horse, because his Penis is pretty HUGE.

It's pretty much a compliment yeah :)?
"That Guy has a Hoss"
作者 Jess1991 2007年12月03日
THE most versatile word in the english language. can be used for anything imaginable
yo dude throw that hoss
that hoss was really hossin me
were gonna go hoss that hoss
作者 matt ovenden 2005年1月02日
Awesome, out of control
We got drunk for three days straight, That shit was HOSS.
作者 Joie-Tricia 2004年9月24日
H.O.S.S. Helicopter Onboard Surveillance System

H.O.S.S. Homing Optical System Study
"Fire up the H.O.S.S."
作者 Anonymous 2002年10月11日
1. When someone fucks something up, from being too clumsy
2. Someone who is just clumsy, stupid and cant help it.
1. When someone knocks over a glass cup along with their shisha and the coal - "oh my god!!! You had to Hoss it!!
2. Someone who is constantly clumsy - "Your such a Hoss!!"
3. When it happens towards yourself - "You know when you've been Hossed!!"
作者 Mr. Bruuuup 2005年10月10日



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