Awesome, out of control
We got drunk for three days straight, That shit was HOSS.
作者 Joie-Tricia 2004年9月24日
1. A pig
2. someone beefy
I'll take a hoss sandwich
I'll take a hoss sandwich
作者 Daniel C 2003年6月26日
(n) also can be a butch dikey chick who could kick your ass
(adj) hossy
that mammoth girl is a frickin hoss
that hossy chick just beat the shit out of the entire wrestling team
作者 dolman 2003年2月23日
To over indulge by eating mass quantities of food, increasing fat storage whereby a state of bloating has occured.
"I just hossed out on that buffet"
作者 Al ralphs & Ryan MacKenzie 2003年2月16日
a fat, disgusting pig
"I can't fit into my pants because I'm a hoss"
作者 Anonymous 2003年11月09日
A big man that has sizzle with his steak and can work the WWE style, bah gawd.
"That Albert is a hoss."
作者 Jim Ross 2003年10月15日
Adjetive; Something great, someone that has done something great.
"I want that baked potato, it's a hoss!
作者 Casey Pierce 2002年12月06日



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