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One who throws himself/herself wildly through the air and does not land on his/her feet.
Holy shit that kid Fred is a damn hucker! He got like 10 feet of air but then landed on his spleen and totaled his wrist!
作者 Fred Murphy 2005年2月21日
One who rides his/her bike off a large drop/jump with a flat/no slope landing. Usually screws up their bike and makes a "CLUNK" noise.
"Look at the drop he's gonna hit!"
#huck #hucker #hucking #boom #clunk
作者 JoshJP 2007年12月06日
A hucker is an extreme sportsman, usually bmx, who will take large drops and boost gaps. Usually huckers do not possess skill to grind, tailwhip, barspin, or any of that smooth boy stuff. Huckers also usually have little skill overall, and only impress by doing crazy drops and gaps.
Sean Burns, pre 2010
"Damn, did you see burns drop off that roof and snap his headtube?"
"Yeah what a fucking hucker"
#hucker #sean #burns #drop #gap #bmx
作者 bmxbrah 2013年9月24日
Josh Bender
Josh Bender is such a hucker! He did a 60foot drop
#huck #hucker #josh #bender #mtb
作者 nickorus 2008年11月04日
short term for fucking hooker.
Dude, that girl on the street was a hucker!
#hucker #hooker #fucking #slut #skank
作者 pixie101808 2010年1月27日


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