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Someone who uses an internet forum and carries 'Legend Status'.
A Jangrafess cannot be destroyed.
A Jangrafess is omnipotent.
A Jangrafess is a tiny step above GOD.
A Jangrafess cannot be replicated.
A Jangrafess is love, a Jangrafess also loves back.
A Jangrafess will never die.
"That Jangrafess, always going to meets"
"That Jangrafess, he's so kind to ethnics"
"I came in Jangrafess' bed"
"I have slept on Jangrafess' floor"
"I want to be like Jangrafess"
#tsr #jangra #jangrafess #bhangra #jang #jgnraaaa
作者 Lawyah. 2008年9月15日
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