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Word used by Americans during WW2 as an abbreviation of Japanese. Often used as a way of insult to refer to the Japanese.
You F**king Japs!!
作者 Whale watcher 2003年4月22日
J.A.P. stands for Jewish American Princess.... describing the rich jewish girls who are overly trendy and self centered because theyre parents spoiled them their whole lives....go to long island new york and you will understand
theres nothing but japs at that club
作者 toni 2005年2月24日
Person of Japanese Origin.
You gotta hand it to them, the Japs sure are good at video-games!
作者 Bruce Lee 2003年3月27日
James Andrew Patterson
JAP is such a loser, I wish he would go away.
作者 tyler weir 2004年10月05日


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