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people who would rather put a symbol of modern christianity on their cars than actually live the christian life. usually seen on vehicles speeding and cutting people off in traffic.
that car that ran over my grandma's feet had a jesus fish on it. the driver must have been late for church.
作者 themarcuscreature 2005年9月05日
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In ancient Greek times Christians would be executed if they were found to be so. Therefore the ichthys (Jesus fish) was used as a way for two Christian to be made known to each other. In the ground, using a stick or staff, one man would draw the first arch of the ichthys and wait until another man would walk up and draw the second arch to finish it. This method would allow both men to know the other was a Christian without making the risk of voicing it.

Though back in those days they knew what the symbol actually meant, it was chosen by its simplicity. The ichthys is actually a symbol of fertility. In today's culture it is displayed on its side to look like a fish. Originally it was displayed with the football-shaped hole pointing upward and the open end downward. This showed what it truly represented, the vagina and anus of the fertility goddess Atargatis. Atargatis is also known in different cultures as Tirgata, Aphrodite, Pelagia or Delphine.
*looking at a car driving by with a jesus fish on the back*
"I see he's pro-vaginas."
作者 Ty4thVenom 2006年2月23日
The fish that people put on the back of their cars to

A) Tell everyone that Jesus is #1 in their lives

B) That they are members of the Republican party

C) All of the above
"Look, that guy just put a Jesus Fish on his Ford!"

"Hmm... must be Bill Frist."
作者 Geoff L. 2005年8月06日
A poser christians justification to cut people off and drive like assholes.
Dude, he's got a Jesus Fish, he just cut me off. WTF!
作者 angelwarrior55 2006年3月08日
A piece of fish-shaped plastic, usually made in China, designed to stick to the rear of mainly American owned vehicles to demonstrate to the rest of the world that the bearer prefers to ignore irrefutable evidence discovered by the most brilliant minds in science and base their smug, superior public personas on fairy tales and superstition, whilst engaging in closeted guilt-ridden sessions of drug-fuelled sexual deviance and other hypocrisy.
Rev. Ted Haggard, Newt Gingrich, Pat Robertson, God I hate those jesus fish people
作者 Theotherrichard 2008年3月17日


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